Version 1.2.5 – Release Notes

by Edward on

Thanks for being a WP Native Articles customer!

We’ve just released version 1.2.5 of the plugin and it’s got some good stuff in so I thought I’d share an overview of the new features.

We’re going to try and do these summary emails with every major release (once a month or so). If you’d rather not receive them then please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Content Override. This has been requested a few times. For posts with a lot of custom code that are having trouble being converted you can now specify entirely different content just for your instant article version. Just remember to update it if you add new content to the main post!

Manual Related Articles. By default related articles are from posts in the same category, but, should you want to, you can now manually set up to four related articles. If you add fewer, Facebook will add the rest automatically.

[wpna hide=’ia’][/wpna] shortcode. To hide an element from your Instant Articles you can now wrap it in this shortcode. Similarly, if you want an element to show up in Instant Articles but be hidden on your site you can use [wpna hide=’wp’][/wpna]. You can even wrap other shortcodes in it.

Selectively Sync Posts. We’ve been asked for this quite a lot and now it’s here! Previously as a workaround you could just import posts as drafts, now they won’t get imported at all.

We’ve also fixed a load of bugs (including the annoying ChartJS one) and improved compatibility with more third party themes and plugins. If you spot any errors or if there are any features you think we should be working on please let us know!

Finally, we’ve now got our Facebook and Twitter accounts setup, if you’d like to keep up with what we’re doing then please do give us a follow.


Download Version 1.2.5

What’s Next?

Our next major release will contain our most request feature, the Placement Manager. Automatically place any code anywhere in your articles! Due in about two weeks.