Advanced Analytics Compatibility

Starting with v1.3.5, we’ve made analytics in Instant Articles super easy.

If you’re using one of the four most popular Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress (Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP), MonsterInsights, Google Analytics by ShareThis or GA Google Analytics) then when you activate WP Native Articles it will automatically connect with those plugins and add the correct Google Analytics code to your Instant Articles.

If you’d like to manually set a Google Analytics or Google Site Tag code you can do that as well. In fact you can set multiple ones, or one of each!

We also support other Analytics platforms, currently Jetpack, Simple Reach, & Chartbeat. All of which you integrate seamlessly with their respective WordPress plugins (if installed on your site), or you can manually set a tracking code for.

Finally we have custom analytics. A free form box where you can enter any custom script code you like, along with various placeholders allowing you to pass though per post variables (ID, author etc etc).

Google Analytics for Instant Articles
Google Analytics for Instant Articles