Mass Post Syncer

Easily and quickly mass sync ALL your old WordPress posts to Instant Articles using the Mass Post Syncer.

Mass Post Syncer
Mass sync all posts to Instant Articles

Choose between either the Developer or Production Environments and optionally use the filters (Category, Author and Date) to only sync a small selection of your posts if you wish. If you’ve changed your mind you can also bulk delete your Instant Articles instead.

The Mass Post Syncer can also be used to Update your older articles, even if they’ve been imported before. If you’ve changed any global settings (ad placements, caption etc) or you’ve created a Placement and want it to be applied to all, or some, of your old posts then you can use the Mass Post Syncer to quickly and easel re-import all your old articles with the new settings.

Upgrade to Premium to access the Mass Post Syncer.