Feature Comparison.

Feature Comparision

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Advanced Content Parser Instant Articles has a strict XML structure, WordPress does not. Our advanced parsing algorithm converts messy WordPress HTML into valid Instant Article XML.
RSS Feed Sync Facebook will scrape an RSS feed twice an hour and import your articles. No Analytics or Article Import Status is available.
Global Options Instant Articles has a lot of complex layout & styling options, we've simplified them. Global defaults can be set will be applied to all of your articles.
Post Option Override Want to change a global setting but only for one or two particular posts? You can. Most options can be overridden on a per post basis.
Advanced Analytics Integration Compatible with multiple analytics platforms and WordPress plugins to easily add analytics tracking to all your Instant Articles.
Basic Ad Support Add your Facebook Audiance Network code in and ads will be autoplaced inside your articles.
Styling Options Manage some styling options for your articles straight from WordPress. Which elements to show, where to place image titles & captions etc.
Automatic Updates We have a fortnightly release cycle. You will be notified of new versions in your WordPress admin and can update at the touch of a button.
API Sync Using the API Instant Articles can be created instantly when you publish a post in WordPress, rather than waiting for Facebook to scape your RSS feed.
Post Analytics Live Analytics straight from Facebook for you Instant Article; broken down by device and segmented by date.
Global Analytics See how all your Instant Articles are doing combined. Live analytics straight from Facebook; broken down by device and segmented by date.
Live Article Import Errors Any errors publishing your article to Facebook will be shown in the WordPress admin, allowing you to correct them straight away.
Premium Support Any problems with the plugin just get in touch with our support. We normally reply within the hour.
30 Day Refund Guarantee Don't like the plugin? We will issue a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date.
Mass Post Syncer
Placement Manager
Crawler Ingestion
AMP Add Google AMP support to your site Coming Q1 2018
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