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Major Updates
– 1.3.2 – Content Parser V2 Released.
– 1.3.0 – Placement Manager, Crawler Ingestion & WP Recipe Maker Support.
– 1.2.5 – Specify different content for your Instant Article.
– 1.2.2 – WP Bakery Visual Composer Support.

Using the Premium plugin you can connect your site to Facebook via the API method and publish instant articles directly (opposed to via the RSS feed that Facebook only scrapes a few times an hour). Publishing instant articles via the API also enables access to view the article status; if Facebook has any problems parsing the content or it’s not showing correctly you’ll be able to see instantly without ever leaving WordPress. You’ll also have full access to all Instant Article analytics directly within your WordPress dashboard. A widget on the Admin dash provides an aggregated overview of how all your articles are doing, well on any post edit screen you can see stats for a particular post, both are broken down by browsing device and can be segmented by time frame. For a full comparison check out our features table.

Our premium support is here to help if you have any issues and also provide advice on any minor customisation you might need. All code is done to WordPress coding standards and is full of hooks and actions to make it as customisable as possible. Full documentation is available can be found here. And have we mentioned our 30 day refund policy?

Other Features

Not quite convinced? Here is a list of other cool minor features to try and sway your favour! Also checkout the roadmap below to see what’s coming up.

  • Advanced Templating – Any template used in the plugin can be overridden in your theme, allowing you to make changes without worry about losing them at the next update (it also reminds you so in the admin!).
  • Custom Post Types – Want to publish instant articles from a custom post type? Or multiple custom post types? Not a problem.
  • Date Variables – Use dates in the Copyright or Credit fields? You can now use dynamic placeholders so you don’t have to worry about updating them.
  • Other Plugins – We’ve tested it with loads of other plugins to ensure it correctly parses as many shortcodes and custom content possible.
  • Multisite – Yep, got that too.
  • Option Override Warning – Overriding an option via a filter? We’ll remind you in the admin.
  • CRON Syncing – When publishing instant articles to Facebook via the API you can set it to do it in the background via CRON, this ensures you post saving times stay as fast as possible.
  • WP Bakery Visual Composer Compatible – Yep, since version 1.2.2


We’re making refinements, fixing bugs and applying security patches constantly. On top of that these are the major features we’re hoping to add within the next 6 months and the rough order that we hope to add them in.

If there’s a feature missing you’d particularly like added or one would like us to add sooner just let us know by getting in touch here.

  • This Week
  • ~3 weeks – Background Sync
    Re-sync / update all of your articles in the background.
  • ~6 weeks – Advanced Analytics
    Weekly Stats Round up
    RSS Feed Stats
    Dashboard Widget Better Stats
  • ~6-7 weeks – Audience Optimization Tags Manager
    Manage and embed tags on a per article basis for better target ads
  • ~8 weeks – Images
    Feature Image Manager (Pick a different image or video)
    Individual Image Options (Fullscreen etc)
    Image Geo Location Options
  • 3 Months – Comments
    Embed Selected Comments In article
  • 4 months – Shortcodes
    Shortcode Manager (Slideshows, Maps etc)
  • 6 Months – Developer Tools
    WP API Integration
    CLI Commands
  • Future
    Q1 2018 Google AMP Integration
    Q1 2018 Apple News




  • Feature. Re-do post analytics. No longer shows annoying error message
  • Feature. Post meta box can now be shown on post custom types
  • Feature. Set Content Parser V2 as default upon activation
  • Feature. Auto detected if excerpt is used and enable subtitle automatically
  • Feature. Stricter regex for checking for the featured image
  • Feature. Stricter featured image URL validation for Yoast
  • Feature. Compatibility with the Spider Facebook plugin
  • Feature. Custom params added to analytics
  • Fix. Custom placement content is no longer escaped
  • Fix. Headings containing ampasands now covert properly
  • Fix. Admin tabs no longer broken when the plugin is disabled


  • Feature. Default to Version 2 parser
  • Feature. V2 Parser. Remove empty elements
  • Feature. WordPress Galleries now support image captions
  • Feature. Only show input error table is there are some
  • Feature. Add optional title to related posts inserted with the Placement Manager
  • Feature. Add content placeholders to the custom content Placement field
  • Feature. Upgrade to v2.10 of the Facebook API
  • Feature. Override Ad Type for individual posts
  • Fix. Use GMT date for posts instead of local one
  • Fix. Broken link to the support forums
  • Fix. Placement Manager Pagination
  • Fix. Stop quotes getting escaped in the custom placement content
  • Fix. Bug with authors not being selected when editing a placement
  • Fix. Stop MediaAce LazyLoad in IA
  • Fix. Stop NewRelic Browser Injection Script in Crawler Ingestion layout
  • Fix. Stop the TVE editor duplicating content


  • Feature. Content Parser V2 (beta)
  • Fix. Bugs with WP Recipe Maker compatibility


  • Fix. Stop placements adding extra </pre> tag
  • Fix. Bugs with WP Recipe Maker compatibility
  • Fix. Show correct error when simultaneously activating Free & Premium versions
  • Fix. Stop & (ampersand) getting encoded in ads


  • Feature. Placement Manager
  • Feature. Add Crawler Ingestion support
  • Feature. Designed dashboard chart. Which stacked bar graph + total views count
  • Feature. Add rtl support
  • Feature. Toggle ads field + simpler audience network field
  • Feature. Toggle basic auth field
  • Feature. Add video header support
  • Feature. wpna_allowed_post_types() now controls what post types get converted.
  • Feature. Support for EasyAzon plugin
  • Feature. Support for AdAce plugin
  • Feature. Support for WP Recipe Maker
  • Fix. Error on API pages with printf not having enough params
  • Fix. Can now use UTF-8 urls in related articles
  • Fix. Add fallback for mb_convert_encoding()
  • Fix. Get correct options when using switch_to_blog()
  • Fix. Related articles automatically mark as sponsored if they are
  • Fix. Stop & (ampersand) getting encoded in analytics


  • Feature. Post content override. You can now specify different content for IA
  • Feature. Add [wpna hide=''][/wpna] shortcode for when you want to hide content from IA
  • Feature. You can now manually specify related posts
  • Feature. Removes paragraphs that only contain  
  • Feature. Prepare plugin for translation + fix spelling errors
  • Feature. Better parsing for theme.co Pro & X
  • Feature. Faster method for checking if images exist $ Feature. Selective sync individual posts
  • Fix. Bug with ChartJs that caused conflicts with some other JS libs
  • Fix. Bug with post analytics not being returned correctly
  • Fix. Better compatibility with older versions of Newmag theme
  • Fix. Post status error table now works on mobile


  • Feature. Add initial support for WP Quads
  • Feature. Add initial support for theme.co Pro & X
  • Feature. Better rules when dealing with shortcodes in posts
  • Fix. 32bit support. Don't use absint for super large numbers
  • Fix. Allow some html tags in the excerpt
  • Fix. Development mode via the API didn't always work
  • Fix. Stop publishing auto-drafts
  • Fix. Pro Auto-updater now uses strict SSL verify
  • Fix. Occasional encoding error. Punctuation no longer appears as ã
  • Fix. Missing op-interactive tag in the Newsmag compatibility
  • Fix. Ignore tags


  • Feature. Choose which articles you want published as Instant Articles
  • Feature. Support for GitHub gist embeds added
  • Feature. Support for <pre> & <code> tags added
  • Feature. YouTube & Vimeo videos added through FV Player Plugin now supported
  • Feature. Support for Newsmag theme Video posts added
  • Fix. In-page links now removed
  • Fix. Remove images less than 1024 bytes
  • Fix. Bug affecting images wrapped in links
  • Fix. Bug where some elements wouldn't get removed


  • Feature. Support for Visual Bakery (beta)
  • Feature. Optionally show subtitle, kicker, authors & media in the article header
  • Feature. Add Facebook ad density option
  • Feature. Add Facebook recirculation ad option
  • Fix. Embedding other WordPress posts from your site now works
  • Fix. Using embed code from Twitter & Instagram directly now works


  • Fix. Bug with [gallery] images


  • Feature. Now supports custom post types in the RSS feed
  • Feature. Article kicker doesn't display if the category is 'uncategorized'
  • Fix. Article kicker now displays the category name instead of the category slug
  • Fix. Bug when a Page ID wasn't correctly set
  • Fix. Bug with screen metaboxes
  • Fix. Ensures whole post is displayed when tag is present
  • Fix. [gallery] shortcodes should now show correctly


  • Feature. Can now use dynamic date variables in Copyright & Credit fields
  • Feature. Shows a warning if the API doesn't have the correct permissions
  • Feature. Shows any API errors
  • Fix. API flow now has better checking
  • Fix. API now works with 2.8
  • Fix. Date validation for PHP <= 5.3 now works


  • Feature. Notify if a template is being overridden
  • Fix. Ads script was sometimes being escaped
  • Fix. Now works with the new Facebook API
  • Fix. Saving API login settings sometimes wouldn't work


  • Fix. Post settings sometimes override global defaults when they shouldn't


  • Feature. Show warning if options have been overridden using hooks
  • Fix. Error blocking the Screen Options tab on the post page
  • Fix. Error sanitizing post options


  • Feature. Image title & caption styling options. Global + post override
  • Feature. Background CRON post api syncing
  • Feature. Now 100% WordPress & WordPress VIP standards compatible
  • Feature. Update to Facebook API v2.8
  • Feature. Overridden templates can now be in a folder rather than top-level
  • Fix. Post instant articles stats not showing (disconnect then re-connect your Facebook account)
  • Fix. Post tabs not aligning
  • WordPress 4.7.3 compatibility


  • Fix Infogram embeds


  • WordPress 4.7.1 compatibility
  • Auto updater bug fix


  • Auto updater fixes


  • PHP 5.2 compatibility
  • Update auto updater to fix caching issues


  • Fix PHP <= 5.5 error


  • Fix error when deleting an article via the API and Facebook isn't connected
  • Fix error in image captions with non alphanumeric entities


  • WordPress 4.7 compatibility
  • Speed improvements for locating attachment IDs


  • Fix for images using HTML5 markup
  • Take account of captions when removing images
  • Readme corrections


  • Readme corrections


  • Plugin released


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Product Details

Version:   1.3.4
Last Updated:   28th November 2017


WordPress:   4.0+
PHP:   5.2.4+
MySql:   5.2+


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