We’re making refinements, fixing bugs and applying security patches constantly. On top of that these are the major features we’re hoping to add within the next 6 months and the rough order that we hope to add them in.

If there’s a feature missing you’d particularly like added or one would like us to add sooner just let us know by getting in touch here.

This Week
AMP Integration

~3 weeks – Advanced Analytics
Weekly Stats Round up
RSS Feed Stats
Dashboard Widget Better Stats

~6-7 weeks – Audience Optimization Tags Manager
Manage and embed tags on a per article basis for better target ads

~8 weeks – Images
Feature Image Manager (Pick a different image or video)
Individual Image Options (Fullscreen etc)
Image Geo Location Options

3 Months – Comments
Embed Selected Comments In article

4 months – Shortcodes
Shortcode Manager (Slideshows, Maps etc)

6 Months – Developer Tools
WP API Integration
CLI Commands