Facebook Instant Articles + WP Bakery Visual Composer Support

by Edward on

We’re pleased to announce that as of version 1.2.2 WP Native Articles now supporst WP Bakery’s Visual Composer.

You can see below how an article using Visual Composer gets converted to Instant Articles.

Instant Articles + Visual Composer
An article using WP Bakery’s Visual Composer for an advanced layout in WordPress
WP Bakery's Visual Composer text columns in an instant article
Text columns and images get collapsed and displayed vertically
WordPress Instant Articles Google Maps
Google Maps and columns also get converted

We had to go through every shortcode in Visual Composer and set custom rules for each one, but, we’re pretty happy with the results.

If you’re using the more advanced layout options of Visual Composer then it’s important to remember that the instant article version is never going to be an exact replica. Instant Articles just don’t support many of the features as they are designed to be a stripped down, faster version of the article.

Using WP Bakery’s Visual Composer? Want to use Facebook Instant Articles? Give WP Native Articles a go today!